A must read: “Let’s repair the city!

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Dear Network 😁! We highly recommend reading “Let’s repair the city!”. 75 pages to understand the challenges of the city of tomorrow.

Thank you Christine Leconte and Sylvain Grisotfor this wonderful overview which proposes solutions to use the existing and to start the transformation.

It offers a vision of the city as a whole, which takes into account its inhabitants as well as the care of the planet. 🌱

It also deals with the jobs of the future linked to this transformation such as, for example, animator of suburban mutation, engineer of non construction, landscaper of the macadam…

It proposes a future use of the streets, such as giving the streets back to the inhabitants and to nature instead of giving to cars….

The authors are optimistic as we enter a decisive decade for the future of man on earth, No more time to lose ‼️

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