Forget sustainability, it’s time for regenerative business

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Froms Les Échos Start du 22/11/21

Everyone wants to be sustainable and responsible. While some are committed to reducing their negative externalities, others pride themselves on not being the worst offenders. Sustainability has become a propaganda tool to make people feel less responsible for their negative impact on society.

The facts are there and no one can ignore them. Sustainability as it exists today will not solve the challenges we face. The core of the problem remains the same: an economic model based on infinite growth, resource extraction and the exploitation of people.

The lack of political ambition and the normalisation of the corporate status quo are leading us to disaster. We need entrepreneurs to serve our humanity.

The glaring failure of CSR and sustainability policies.

The slow pace of public policy and lack of ambition are largely responsible for this situation. The results of CSR policies show a blatant lack of sincerity and commitment.

The big CAC 40 groups are playing the system, distributing a minor part of their profits in the recruitment of CSR teams without stopping their harmful activities. The approaches are short-sighted and lack a global understanding of the challenges facing our society.

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